High Levels of Customer Engagement: Superior Skills in Content Strategy, Content Creative and Content Marketing for Breakthrough Results in Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media

We are a full service boutique Next Generation PR and Social Content Agency--in shorthand, a NG PR Company. A prerequisite of that evolution is to be highly skilled content strategists, social content creators and new media technologists. And Content is not to be taken lightly. It lives within a communications ecosystem, where each part of the whole contributes to your entire brand image. As technology has disintermediated the traditional "awareness" based channels of print and TV, we have had to become black belts at content strategy creation and the development of content that attracts, acquires and engages prospects and clients in innovative ways without using traditional sales tactics. Our conversations have become two-way, dictating content be creative and customized by media channel to further that dialogue.

The media channels on the Internet function differently, and their strategic development and integration drives your brand presence.

1. We are PR and Content strategist that expertly develop:

6. We create events to seed content and drive sales:

7. We develop websites, microsites and social media and mobile applications: