Traditional Media

Public Relations Has Become More than Newspaper, magazines and TV. These Channels Have Also Become Digital. But they are still important in the new multimedia world

The other part of social is "starting" conversations. We do this through really really good storytelling. Are traditional media channels important? Yes they are. And we pitch to them exceptionally hard and with great success. We know todays media professionals heavily use the internet for research. Your digital presence is critical for access to this channel. As a group, they have become extremely digitally savvy.

Is social media important? Of course, but not all social media platforms and networks are important to your customer and target audience. You have to select the ones that are right for you astutely. The careful planning and integration of your media channel yields greater and more sustained results. Simply put, It enhances all conversations and keeps the dialog going so your content stays in play and does not become yesterday’s news! An NG PR professional can help.