Senior Vice President of Internet Strategy & Marketing

Seiji Powell Seiji Powell

Seiji Powell is IntraLink Global’s Senior Vice President of Internet Strategy & Marketing—or simply put, our incomparable tech-guru. He oversees all strategic and social media management, Internet software development and administration, and technology and trend analysis.

As an all-round web-wonder and early adopter, Seiji comes to this role naturally. Before joining ILG, he was content and social media strategist, software product manager, web software and systems architect and an IT consultant for established companies and early-stage startups. His experience spans a wide range of fields, including retail, insurance, financial services, hospitality and healthcare. He also co-founded OMNIMI, Inc., where he developed and marketed OMNIMi SMART, a platform that allows residential building owners and property managers to provide their customers with a pervasive, easy-to-use, lifestyle-oriented technology experience.

Seiji holds a M.B.A. from The University of Chicago with concentrations in entrepreneurship and strategic management, a M.S. Computer Science from Polytechnic University and a B.S. Computer Science and B.E. Mechanical Engineering from New York University—a rigorous, dual-degree program with a 20% acceptance rate and 36% completion rate. He is the recipient of the Illinois Technology Foundation’s 2008 “50 For The Future” award.

We call Seiji our boy-genius thanks to his playful sense of humor and wry smile, which belie his determined focus. He is a man of few words, but has extraordinary ability to immediately get to the heart of a matter. And when he does talk, everyone listens. He churns out large amounts of work at a superhuman speed, but is a perfectionist who never compromises quality or misses a deadline. He is very strategic and the one we all love to tease. In his spare time, he mountain bikes, snowboards, rides his motorcycle, plays poker and is trying to master the guitar. And yes, this millennial does have a small tattoo.