PR Strategy and Execution Case Study

Innovative PR strategy and PR Execution for a B2B Company:
Content Marketing at Work

The Challenge

In an industry fraught with saturated product alternatives and commodity players, a large, cutting-edge manufacturer fights to gets its innovation story told. Armed with strong innovations that are impressive in every arena -- from operations management and product portfolio development to process integration and their internal and external environmental leadership position--they challenged us to get their message out quickly to C-suite decision makers.

The Solution

We focused strategically on content and embedding it in a number of web-based platforms to significantly increase their web presence, then used these tools to leverage that attention into an even broader dialogue with a critical and targeted set of key influencers in the industry.

To accomplish this, we started with the company's significant but not 'maximized' wealth of content, including multiple websites, presentations, white papers, consumer and customer research, reputation management reports, case studies, external third-party articles and prior PR releases. This grounded our firm in the industry, but more importantly helped us form an early hypothesis around the story and its message hierarchy, differentiation and targets. Congruently, we conducted concise competitive scans regarding online client behavior and SEO-analysis. Last but not least, we did a quick analysis of our client’s website to assess and understand its limitations and develop ways to counteract its deficits.

These research was used to determine the client's story, its sub-messages, their various target audiences, individual brand tones and a cohesive voice, as well as to develop an editorial calendar. But most significantly, we also gave each story content purpose to ensure we had an appropriate mix for the audience.

The Result

In nine short months, we created over $10 million dollars in incremental advertising value and over $30 million dollars in incremental publicity value in an industry where break-through is tough. Key influencers are actively calling us for articles rather than the reverse, and it has become significantly easier to get stories placed.

The Benefit

The client’s innovation story was intentionally was grounded in content that benefited their business, and more saliently, sales. This transformed an important, but vaguely conveyed topic, into a fully realized message relevant to the company’s business and sale.. They have entered the digital marketing world and social media space in a big way, but one that makes sense for their various and complex target audiences. For example, they do not use Facebook, but they do use Twitter. And their use of content, and the strategy and marketing effort behind it, are cutting edge--just like the business they operate.