Event marketing is a big deal! It's your opportunity to showcase your brand, your creativity, your people, your expertise and even your products. On that day, you put your best foot forward. We showcase your best foot, and keep showing it long after the program has ended. We use traditional and new media to market, promote and advertise your event.


We understand that conferences seed and protect relationships. So the design of a conference, its content as well as its post marketing plan are uniquely designed to build trust and establish you as an industry leader. We are experts at content, so we start with your content strategy and the key issues that are at the heart your industry. Together, we imagine a theme that captures your clients’ business passions, and then design a conference that will both build your brand and drive attendance.

We understand that a conference is about solidifying and fostering relationships, so we use innovative post-conference marketing to continue and extend the conversation. We use all relevant marketing tools and platforms to accomplish this goal, including email blasts, blogs, video, print and social media. For us, the conference is not a one time event, but rather a way to sustain and grow your customer interaction. Ultimately, a conference's measure of success should be increased sales from participants.

We have designed business building events with foreign heads of state as well as created CEO summits to accomplish these outcomes.

Award Programs

We understand that recognition by authoritative sources are important. So we can help you gain that recognition by making a targeted list of awards you should covet and apply for. We make the pitches and write the award applications to ensure you get the award without you having to do the tedious paperwork. Then help you use the award to your "relationship" advantage.

Speaking Engagements

We help you create a list of the most prestigious speaking engagements in your sector, define the right content for the audience then actively pitch for you to speak at the targeted events. We can then write and design a multimedia presentation for you, train all speakers, develop the Q&A as well as the event flow. The last step is helping you structure all content related to this event and the distribution of that content so you can fully optimize this business building opportunity including securing additional panelist.

New Product Introductions

We are at our heart brand marketers. We prepare PR plans for new product introductions using old and new media. Bottom-line we can get the word out to the people you want to know. Our reach and tools are extensive. Just look at what we do.