Content Marketing company with big expertise in B2B marketing and B2C marketing

We are a small company with big expertise in multiple categories because our team has actually worked in many of the categories and channels we serve. And all of them can benefit from NG PR, Next Generation PR and Social Content Marketing. We enthusiastically practice content strategy, communications planning, purposeful content, content creation, content marketing, content distribution, event marketing and mobile marketing.

Foreign-based Multinationals with a new or established US presence

We can assist you in developing your USA based content strategy and content marketing in an American-centric way without losing sight of the global equity you wish to maintain. The country-specific content you create and need is seen worldwide. And employing a firm that understands this is central to both your ability to protect your brand and your ability to exceed America's expectations with regard to labor, the environment and corporate citizenry practices. Simply put, next generation PR is more important than ever in a global economy. Your ability to be perceived as an industry leader in a foreign country is central to driving results.

Funded Start-Ups or Start-Ups with proven Founders

We help you define the audience and the content needed to drive sales. We start with content strategy and then quickly move to marketplace execution. If what is said in the start-up community is correct--"you only want to hire two types of people in your organization: those that can write code and those that can go out and get users"--then you should hire us. We can build the communication ecosystem infrastructure, including the web site component, as well as market within it. Content marketing, social media marketing and digital marketing are critical to a start-ups sales success, and can often be important in multiple rounds of funding. In addition, given our financial visibility within the community, we can also connect you to many needed relationships.

Health Care

We help you define your content strategy, create compelling content and then market it to your target audience. The hospital, insurance and the pharmaceutical industries have myriad pain points. In these rapidly evolving markets, it is more important than ever to define and then focus your market position. NG PR, Next Generation PR and social content marketing, can help you do this. With government regulatory changes on the horizon, many health care players will need to evolve. Certainly, the pharmaceuticals industry faces price pressures from health care providers, rising drug costs and the challenge from generics.

Next generation, like the industries we serve, is about strategically getting the message out. The communications ecosystem is critical to that success.

Financial and Professional services

We can help you establish an aggressive content marketing strategy that makes sense. The financial market has certainly taken an image hit during our last economic downturn, creating new challenges for its diversified players. For some, it is simply about surviving, but for others, it is about really thriving in the new more regulated, hyper competitive environment. NG PR--Next generation PR and social content marketing -- is now even more critical to your next business growth engine. The competition for low capital, fee income services and liquidity rich-clients make it imperative for the financial service industry to carefully and strategically curate content that is artfully executed.

Real Estate, Architecture, Construction, Design and Architecture

We strategically create content and market content for conferences, events, speaking engagements, traditional media or the industry's existing or relatively new focus on sustainability and responsible real estate development. We want you to be recognized for your work by the right constituents. We understand that your circle is small and highly influential. Like your firm, our goal is to ensure you build the relationships you need to further your business. This means delivering strategic content to the right place at the right time. The economy can ravish business, forcing many to reinvent themselves. Our next generation PR and social content marketing agency, or NG PR, can help you do so.

Industrial Services

We can help separate you from the competition, building your voice of authority and establishing you as a trusted industry leader. The market forces necessary to compete have become complex, with creativity and innovation being the basis for competition in B2B and B2C manufacturing industries. Market requirements have become steep--savvy market-driven customization, rapid market response, global distribution of competitive production resources, environmental protection and sustainability. Penalties have become severe. We understand your market, so we can help you shape your content strategy and build a market plan that is as creative and innovative as your business now demands. Our next generation PR and social content marketing agency, or NG PR, can build a communications ecosystem that drives results.

Information Technology services

We love this industrial service segment because they intuitively understood the power of strategic content and multi channel distribution long before the rest of the business world did. Some players are also ‘dual’ citizens, marketing in both the B2B and B2C worlds. As a result, corporations have had to become savvy across two very diametrically opposed audiences. Our teams background enables us to work at a strategic level on content, but also allows us to work at a deep tactical level, smoothly creating and managing a communications ecosystem on your behalf to drive results. NG PR, or next generation PR and social content marketing, is understood and valued.


We can help you build a solid content plan and market it to your target audience whether you are a bricks-and-mortar, an online retailer or a restaurant, and understand your challenges. These businesses operates on razor-thin margins, so every dollar spent must have a return. For a national retailer, building the equity is necessary, but at the end of the day the business succeeds based on an understanding of how to manage local grassroots marketing and social media. A content marketing plan that recognizes what you need to build, and who you need to attract locally, is the right strategy for you. We provide management of these integral components of the communications ecosystem to insure your success.