All content should have an overarching purpose. It informs, persuades, inspires, instructs, confirms or amuses. Defining the appropriate target, the message, the brand voice, the editorial calendar and type of content to be sourced is essential. Understanding purpose as it relates to your audience is critical and a lot of fun!

Higher exposure in consumer and trade media

We focus our writing according to relevant and up-to-date current and industrial trends to make content likeable and newsworthy for specific offline and online trade media publications and influential consumer blogs.

Establish a voice and tone

We create content for small, medium and large businesses who wish to provoke thought and discussion within a given industry and breakthrough expected archetypes. By researching real-time issues and applicable examples, we can propel companies from restrained followers to strong thought leader.

Defining and executing all messaging within the framework of your own brand voice and tone is critical. If not already clearly defined, we can help you do this.

Content Purpose

All content has a purpose. It is important that you understand your potential customer and how to engage them. Do they need content that gives them step-by-step instructions? Do they need content that shares industry best practices, thereby improving their own personal business performance? Do you want to just capture their imagination with an insider industry joke? You have to first understand the target and their conversations in the marketplace. Careful content strategy planning can help you do this.

We know how to write, curate or find compelling content with purpose. Purposeful content for print and digital channels is critical as well as for all multimedia channels.

Editorial Calendar

In our drive for effectiveness, we create editorial calendars that organize content and ensure that it is published regularly, with purpose, throughout all relevant multimedia channels. We brainstorm, use your content or fresh public content to come up with rich ideas. Fresh content, posted and distributed regularly, is important as it influences your brand rank on google and your brand presence in every arena.

Equally important, we monitor content to assess your potential customer’s responses and adapt as necessary.