Content Creation

Fresh content is always the goal. We brainstorm new ideas, curate what we have in interesting ways and co-create. We are writers, editors and visual specialists, each trained in traditional media and trained in online media since they require different skills.

Press releases

We compose concise, attention-grabbing text that propagates the content you need to communicate to your targeted print, online and electronic outlets—from newspapers, magazines, newsletters, aggregators and blogs to TV and radio platforms--to ensure a seamless delivery of your message across all appropriate distribution channels.

Blog posts

Most bloggers are not adept at marrying copy and content strategy, yet both must coalesce to generate the ecosystem you need for your company or brand. We understand blog posts inside out, and know how to capture your online audience with information that tells your story in an engaging and tactical way. Content must be shrewdly styled to play to SEO, brand message, readership and market forces. We specialize in crafting individual, guest or ongoing blogs that do so for high-level executives and opinion leaders. These pieces use pointed content and targeted keywords as building blocks to create and execute a focused blog content strategy and incorporate trending topics. We strategically post them on related websites, blogs and social media platforms; share them with customer and business contacts; maintain active relationships by listening and responding; evaluate responses with analytics to gauge efficacy; and modify content and strategy in response to needs.


To paraphrase Tolstoy’s great novel “Anna Karenina,” all articles are alike in a very basic way, and different in very different ways. All must tell engaging stories that captivate readers, but must also reach specific audiences, reflect their interests and fulfill your brand or company’s objectives. By that measure, every article must start with a clear-cut strategy that defines your key objectives, core audiences and their interests. From this vantage, we write compelling topical articles for print and online outlets of every size, scope and category, be it B2B, B2C, B2G, P2P or C2C.


We identify appropriate opportunities to present viewpoints on industry topics, issues and trends; assemble all necessary data; and craft concise, persuasive editorials for specific audiences to promulgate a brand or company’s position on behalf of its management and/or thought-leaders. These pieces are accurate, informative and politic, yet also thought-provoking to suitably push bounds and advance industry-related discourse and coverage.

Case Studies

By analyzing the approach, process, strategy and outcome of a particular project or campaign we plan and execute for specific accounts, we highlight and propagate business models that work. Unlike most case studies, our reporting mechanisms go beyond descriptive writing and ballpark estimates; we crunch numbers to estimate the authority of your business engagement, the success rate of your project and define bottom-line results. The point is to heighten your brand or company’s profile and motivate readers to replicate your ideas or hire your services for their future projects.

White Papers

We analyze market spaces, compile data, analyze trends and identify consumer preferences to develop concise narratives that paint a thought-provoking and authoritative picture of developments or difficulties in specific fields. These detailed reports are white papers, and ultimately help industry insiders understand issues, solve problems or make decisions. They also position you as a thought-leader in your field and leverage your standpoint, elevating it to the forefront of your market arena rather than overtly showcasing your products or services.


This relatively new term is a fresh-take on the age-old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ Or, as in the case of an infographic, an assortment of pictures--such as charts, graphs, diagrams and more that represent information, data and knowledge and graphically portray a specific problem or a bright idea within a specific market space. They have become an increasingly popular and powerful social media tools because they are highly shareable, captivating and make complex data easy to comprehend. We conceptualize, design and execute infographics by assembling seemingly disparate yet salient pieces of information to create elegant and impactful narrative wholes that lead readers to firm and plausible conclusions.


Video has an unparalleled potential to present valuable content to a wide range of audiences on a variety of platforms and channels, not the least of which are the wildly popular social media sites YouTube and Vimeo. It can capture a concise message, and deliver a company’s vision, with creativity, flavor and flair directly to its customers and fellow business contacts through targeted and broad distribution. More importantly, companies across all industries under-exploit the use of cutting-edge video for business; with an integrated business video production strategy that coincides with your company values and communications ecosystem, we can turn mundane materials into stellar visual presentations to highlight a central theme and make it accessible to multiple vested audiences. We specialize in video production, recording, filming and editing, and use cutting-edge video and recording software to facilitate our development of professional quality videos that meet the file size requirements of all video sharing platforms.


Conferences, interviews, seminars and presentations that are created as part of a company’s communications ecosystem and provide pertinent and compelling content live on long after their real-time debuts as podcasts, which turns them into a digital format. Thus these programs can be serialized, downloaded and viewed on a computer or mobile device through multiple platforms—including social media. This makes them a powerful tool to reach specific audiences –from current and potential prospects to thought-leaders and the media—with targeted knowledge and expertise.


Live seminars and conferences are becoming the most effective and preferred forms of communication for B2B companies; a webinar—or web-based seminar that is audio-visually recorded for later viewing on the Internet--can extend the benefits of these live events because they chronicle and effectively transform them into shareable social content. Producing quality and shareable webinar content that is integrated with your content marketing strategy will convey your industry mastery and expertise and boost your website traffic. We create, host and record webinars, and market them to insure and extend the success of your overall social content strategy.

Website content

We streamline business ideas into a cohesive online ecosystem that forms the basis for all website content strategy generation. Our content strategy entails understanding relevant audiences, optimizing website copy, utilizing strategic keywords, heightening authority with case studies and white papers and repurposing topical research to uphold a holistic business message.

Executive Bios

Concise but relevant biographies should accompany all materials that an executive writes produces, releases or publishes, including articles, presentations, speeches, blogs and editorials. We compile bios and resumes that give top-level executives a clear purpose, standing and voice in the community he or she wishes to lead.

Speeches and presentations

We research and develop significant, authoritative and memorable speeches and presentations for conferences, meetings, seminars and speaking engagements of every ilk.

E-Book Marketing

The world of book marketing has radically changed and is no longer controlled by publishers and distributors. Those days are gone, and even some of the best authors are releasing ebooks. Creating and marketing those books is now web-centric and critical, since the web can build your brand and position you as an expert. We can help you create e-books and market them on- and off-line. E-book marketing yields incredible results.