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Content Strategy and Content Marketing are Art and Science

Painting by Nina Gh

Every business understands the importance of branding and brand strategy--the accepted blueprint for the creation, execution, delivery and governance of that brand in a replicable and sharable way. Yet brands are at significant risk of losing their way unless corporations create the same discipline around writing and creating and publishing content.

That's precisely why IntraLink Global is focused on effective content strategy and great content creation. New Media arrived overwhelming many with its rapid-fire social networks and wild market cap numbers. It seems that many marketers rushed to put content on the Internet, which only raises larger concerns around strategic management of all content—both on- and off-line. This is particularly a problem given the online lifespan of content.

In this new media world, we help you do three things:

  1. Build Content Strategy - the blueprint for content creation, content execution, content distribution and content governance in a replicable and shareable way;
  2. Create Great Content - targeted, engaging strategic and compelling stories that are either original or appropriately reused or repurposed.
  3. Market Content- Content Marketing done strategically, simply and selectively.
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We create communication ecosystems that build your brand and heighten your business profile. Create great content, and customers and clients will come for a time. Create great content, and market it strategically, and customers and clients will continually spread the message for you. We help you create great content that continually sticks and spreads.