Communications planning is about integrating marketing communications so your potential customer finds the right message, in the right place, at the right time---and hopefully shares that message with others like him or her. Today we understand that this job is more complex than ever because content proliferation and distribution is everywhere. So how to write the marketing communications plan is more complex and more important than ever before. You have to harness and focus all content to do so, including that of your CEOs and employees.

CEO communication platforms

We create highly focused CEO communication platforms to heighten both the CEO and your company profile, with the goal of making your company an undisputed and trusted industry leader. The CEO's communications strategy, the CEO's communication plan and the CEO's communications skills all drive both higher market and employee performance. Thus the platform is an important part of the broader communications ecosystem for you and your business.

Communications plans

We look at your content strategy and/or your communication strategy and turn it into an integrated, targeted and full blown communications plan providing you with a roadmap for who, what, where and how to target your audience.

Message maps for internal and external use

We boil it down to one page so everyone can grasp it and remember it. This defines your core message and all your supporting points. It keeps everyone on the same page--using the same language and telling the same story all the time. All employees, including your sales force, executives and customer service representatives, seamlessly communicate one message to the public. This is particularly critical in the new social age, where content is generated by a diverse user base. Your employee base, if trained correctly, can be a powerful social voice. The old topical message map is no longer a tool solely for executives who wish to prepare for media interviews. It is a powerful content and social tool for all employees and content storytellers.

Employee engagement strategy and execution

We can help you articulate the vision and core values of your firm. As communications experts, our real expertise is designing and seeding engagement models that live on far beyond that initial presentation to the troops. Our methodology creates the communications infrastructure necessary to ensure employees “live” the vision and values of the firm, or any big initiative you want the troops to rally around.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything and clearly affects your brand. Regardless of how good, how honest or how service-oriented we are, we will always have dissatisfied customers and even, more embarrassingly, disgruntled employees. You can take proactive steps to protect your reputation with focused effort.