Vice President of Communications

Amanda Urban-Moukoury Amanda Urban-Moukoury

Amanda Urban-Moukoury is IntraLink Global's Vice President of Communications. This multifaceted post channels Amanda’s deep experience in public relations, marketing, promotions and event planning for B2B and B2C businesses. While she has worked in virtually every industry over the last decade, she is best known for creating and executing admired award-winning campaigns for consumer packaged goods companies, tech firms and legendary restaurants, hotels and hospitality groups.

Amanda earned her public relations stripes as the press and media director for the world-renowned Michelin-starred chef Grant Achatz, heralded as a leader in molecular gastronomy. During her 5-year tenure with him, Achatz appeared in countless features in all media, but highlights include CNN’s "Start Small, Think Big;" the Mercedes-Benz series "The Avant/Garde Diaries;" MSNBC's "Future of Technology;" and the Lexus series "The Next Level."

But it was Amanda''s passion for one of the simpler things in life—Miracle Whip—that led her to switch focus from haute cuisine and hospitality to consumer packaged goods. She began tweeting about her affection for the sweet and tangy spread in 2012, and suggested a brilliant plan: to launch a Miracle Whip food truck that would take the humble spread to new culinary heights. Her hilarious—and ingenious—tweets caught the attention of the right Kraft Foods brand manager, and a few weeks later the Miracle Whip food truck was launched on the streets on Chicago. The story about her partnership with the brand garnered significant media attention and is a legendary case study today.

After her first taste of the consumer packaged goods market, Amanda was hooked. She joined Henson Consulting in 2012 to help lead the agency’s consumer packaged goods business, and worked with a wide range of national brands. These include Crystal Light, Kool-Aid, Country Time Lemonade, Maxwell House, Peter Pan Simply Ground Peanut Butter and Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Amanda is our most serene staff member thanks to her remarkable calm under fire. In her spare time, she uses that calm demeanor in her most meaningful adventure to date: motherhood. She and husband and son Cade reside in the South Loop. Their greatest pleasure is to explore the culture and cuisine throughout the city when their schedules allow.